Marketing Comms

Marketing communications are an essential part of raising your brand's profile and promoting the sale of a product or service. They should always reflect the audience and offer authoritative and relevant content that positions your company as experts.

Marketing Communications can include:  

  • Thought Leadership - used to position the company as leader in its industry by producing innovative and topical content that offers something of value to the reader.
  • Promotional literature - used to persuade an audience to take or continue action usually with respect to a commercial offering, or political or ideological support.
  • Corporate Literature - used to support the corporate identity of a company or organisation in the minds of customers, investors and employees.
  • Marketing Collateral - generally used later in the sales cycle when a prospective customer has been identified. 

Publishing insightful marketing resources enhances your brand and should use a balance of informative and promotional content with creative engagement.

Marketing Pace can help you update existing corporate literature, develop compelling marketing communications and execute targeted campaigns.

Marketing Communications can include:  

  • Content Development 
  • Creative Execution
  • Campaign Management
  • Marketing Production
  • Print Management
  • Direct Marketing

Internal Communications

Organisations need to communicate effectively with their employees in order to keep them focused and engaged. In order to perform to their best ability, staff need to understand how their individual role contributes towards the overall business objectives.

A positive corporate culture encourages high levels of commitment and trust and promotes psychological wellbeing and reduced stress levels.

Marketing Pace can provide support and coaching for your management team and communication strategies to transform corporate culture.